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Next to your food and your guest list, one of the big factors for the success of a private party or company event is the music you hire. The area has a lot of talented musicians, and we hope you'll consider one of them. Oly has more than 15 years of experience playing private events and parties – from yachts to private businesses to brewery floors – and enjoys helping hosts make each event a success.


How to be an awesome finder of musicians for your next shindig...


  • Vibe: Listen to tracks from different artists and go with the sound and feeling that you like.


  • Experience is important. Experienced musicians not only play great music, they also have plenty of time under their belt with sound equipment and know how to make it sound fantastic for each room (or boat, plane, spaceship etc).


  • Your musician is here to make your event fun. A few things you can think about to help him or her make sure everything goes smoothly are timing and the load-in. If you have an unusual arrangement (such as music in a barn or building without power) or a stage area that is difficult to get to, let your musician know up front so he/she can strategize.


  • Hiring a solo acoustic artist like Oly is not always the best bet for people who want to twerk it out or are looking for a lot of dance music (you might be better off with a DJ). Oly's sets are highly musical and varied, and may include artists like The Replacements, Wilco, Billy Joel, Dan Wilson, Leonard Cohen, The Eurythmics, Prince, Johnny Cash, Material Issue, Buffalo Tom, Bread and of course his own tunes. He has a powerful voice that carries the show and a warm, personable stage presence.


  • Superfan? Think about a house concert! House concerts are a fun way to party without having to foot the bill for live music. Generally how it works is guests pay a ticket price of $10-$20, you provide the house, snacks and beverages of choice.


  • Payment is expected at the finish of the show (and may be beneficial to performance to pay prior!) Generally, musicians work on a cash or check bases, and payment is expected at the end of the show. Occasional exceptions can be made but you need a good reason and a trustworthy face!




Have questions? Want to talk to see if it's a fit? Drop a line.






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