"Outer Space Love Song" Stereomaid


"IN A LIFETIME" Stereomaid


"Why Don't We"  by Oly



Stereomaid: The Little Things That Come Between Us – "This album is like a tasty, little, mid-'70's, "Rock" biscuit with some creamy "Pop" drizzle. "In a Lifetime" and "Someday" are standouts, and show how good this band can be. Refreshingly original arrangements and above par, relaxed-sound production, throughout. Singer, Oly, can rock his voice a la Bob Mould, or smooth it like Adam Duritz. Nice use of pedal steel in "Holly Would." "Mother Freedom" gets a little noodley, but they get their hard-rocking point across. Overall, I'd stop the dial on their songs as I cruise up I-70 on a weekend ski trip with a mellow buzz on, and thinking about good times…yeah…good times!"

– Doug Anderson, Colorado Music Buzz